Health & Fitness: Because I Can’t Find Capri Length Swimsuits…

Yesterday we drove past the neighborhood pool.  “LOOK!  The pool’s open!” squealed my boys from the backseat.  “When can we go???”  What?  Pool season already?  I’m not ready for this!  I want it to be winter so I can sit on my butt in my sweatpants and eat cookies without a care in the world!

“Maybe those long bathing suits from the 1920’s will come back in style” joked my husband.  Ha ha, very cheeky.

Well, there just is no getting around it.  Bathing suit season is here.  Now, look, I have never in my life been a big fan of prancing around in a swimsuit.  And nowadays, I have no delusions that anyone even cares what I look like.  My one mission at the pool is to protect the three small people in my care from drowning.  My goal in exercising is to be strong and fit for the task at hand.  And if it just so happens to curb my genetic predisposition to look like the Pillsbury Dough Boy, all the better, you know?

Back before I had Dash, I used to workout five to six days a week.  It wasn’t too hard for me because I could almost always get a good night’s sleep and get up early to do my routine.  And if I didn’t get it done early, the older boys were more than happy to play Lego for an hour while I worked out.  Fast forward to the present: I can count on one hand the full nights of sleep I have had in the past year.   My days are spent chasing a wild toddler and pulling him down off everything climbable, which is a workout in itself.  But with the 80 degree weather hitting like a ton of bricks and the inevitable pool visit hanging over my head, I felt it necessary to buckle down and do a good workout today.

I decided to pull out the Big Guns.  Metamorphosis by Tracy Anderson, Gwyneth Paltrow’s trainer. Go ahead and laugh GP haters, but it is a very effective workout.  I have workouts that are harder, workouts that will make you puke in your mouth, but this one gives amazingly quick results, which is what I need.  Mind you, it is not the most fun workout.  It is basically an hour of torture.  When it was over and time to stretch I just kind of laid my forehead down on my mat in relief until it made a nice imprint pattern on my face.  Really, I just didn’t feel very strong today and just was kind of UGH about the whole thing.

Even though I managed to drag my sorry butt through the hour, I know I need to revisit those things that kept me going strong in the past and get myself in a more positive frame of mind.  These are the things I came up with.  Maybe some of them will resonate with you.

Naturally after an hour of small muscle isolating torture, it occurred to me that a key factor in making exercise part of our lives is to ENJOY IT!  Chalene Johnson, creator of my all time favorite workout, TurboFire, says in one of her videos “If working out isn’t fun you won’t do it.”   So true!  I love dance, so I always choose workouts that are somewhat dance-centric and if they have some rockin’ music, all the better.  But dancing isn’t for everyone (I’m not naming any names, but some people know who they are.)  If you’re one of those who would rather get a dental procedure than do Zumba, find something YOU like!  If running appeals to you, start training for a 5k.  If you love sports, find a group and meet up to play a game.  If you’re happy and you’re moving, it’s all good.

Of course, even if you are doing something you love, there are going to be days (like I had today) where you are just dragging.  It happens to everyone!  So, another good piece of advice I have gotten over the years is to focus on how you will feel AFTER you work out.  As long as you’re not physically ill or injured, ask yourself if some exercise might really perk you up and make you feel better.  When you first get started it may be hard, but it will get easier as your body gets stronger.  If your doctor says it’s okay to exercise, you are probably capable of more than you realize.

And finally, I’ve realized that I need to be in a better routine.  It can’t be left to maybe, possibly, if everything else falls perfectly into place I will get my exercise done.  I can’t THINK about it that much!   Otherwise, I will talk myself out of it.  The time needs to be set aside and it needs to be non negotiable.  Or at least non negotiable if I’ve had enough sleep, because to me it defeats the purpose of being healthy if you wear yourself ragged and get sick.

So, are you all ready for summer?  I’d love to know any tips and tricks you all have up your sleeves. 🙂

P.S.  Just so you know, the links are Amazon affiliate links, just in case you feel like being tortured by Gwyneth’s trainer too.  I don’t have any sources for Capri length swimsuits, so for that I apologize.

Maybe I am just in the wrong decade.  I totally could have rocked this look.

Postcard circa 1910.  Maybe I am just in the wrong decade. I totally could have rocked this look.



  1. There may be some patterns out there to make one’s own. I wish I were a better seamstress.

    • Jennifer says:

      Well, it is probably a good thing I cannot sew. If I could make one my kids would refuse to go to the pool for embarrassment of being seen with me. 😉 Sweat and cellulite cream is my only hope. 🙂

      • Laura Wollborg says:

        Maybe you could be like the Europeans and wear a big floppy hat and sunglasses, a beautiful sarong and sandals with heels at the pool. Although the heels seem like a slip-hazard…

        • Jennifer says:

          Yes, the heels could be a problem for me, especially when I have to chase the smalls, lol! The sarong sounds promising though! 🙂

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