Healthy Family

If you’re a homeschool/unschool family like we are, you may be into the idea of returning to tradition. Just like we’ve taken education into our own hands, we also take being proactive with our health as our own responsibility. Not that we wouldn’t seek medical advice where needed, of course we would! But there is so much we can do as preventative to stay WELL in the first place.

Just think…

Once upon a time, people knew how to take care of themselves. They had traditions of growing and preparing nourishing food, physical work that strengthened their bodies and rest to repair them, and remedies for times of illness. Sure, it wasn’t perfect and people even died of things that are curable today! But while today we have great scientific advancements, people are getting sicker and even dying younger for lack of basic self care! I’m sure you have heard the statistic that for the first time in history, children born today have a shorter expected life span than their parents. 🙁

I’m not saying we are perfect (Starbucks happens!) 😉 but the choices we make on a daily basis make a big difference!

healthy family tips, homeschool, unschool, tjed

Nobody is perfect after all… 😉

One thing I am passionate about is teaching others to take back those traditions of self care. Prepare real food. Move your body. And I especially love introducing others to the ancient wisdom of supporting our bodies with pure essential oils! <3

Before I started with essential oils, I felt like we picked up every little bug that we came in contact with. I mean, even unschoolers don’t live in a bubble. We do leave the house here and there. 😉 Once I learned to be proactive in supporting our immune systems, everything changed. I no longer fear cold and flu season, because I know our bodies are healthy and strong.

healthy family tips, homeschool, unschool, tjed

And what about those days where everyone is sick of being around each other, no one wants to cooperate, and momma wants to pull her hair out? Oh, I have oils for those days too. 😉

healthy family tips, homeschool, unschool, tjed

My goal isn’t sales here folks, but I want everyone to be able to enjoy the benefits of being WELL.

I believe everyone should have access to unprocessed food, chemical free products, and the best essential oils without worry of synthetic imitations or chemical adulteration. If you’d like to know more about this topic, head on over to my wellness site.

healthy family tips, homeschool, unschool, tjed


If you know you’re ready to jump in with oils, click here to get started. We have a great community to support you on your wellness journey. You can do this!