How To Help A Mommy Out: A Post By Dash

Hey, people!  It’s me, Dash.  My Mommy was too tired to write anything today, so I thought I’d help her out and do a guest post for her.  What?  You’re surprised that I know how to spell and use the computer?  Haven’t you been reading Mommy’s blog at all?  Anyways…

I’m sure you read about poor Mommy taking a spill in my room the other night.  I was like “OUCH!  That’s gotta hurt!”  So, I decided to try and take it easy on her.  You know, sleep a bit like she’s always begging me to.  Really, I tried.  But that silly Mommy, she just wouldn’t rest!

For example, last week Mommy took us to the pool FOUR DAYS IN A ROW!  That might not sound like a big deal, but my brothers can’t swim too well.  And Mommy seems to think I can’t swim either.  So when we’re at the pool, she’s always looking out for us.  You’ll see her chasing after me hollering stuff like “Don’t jump!” and “Slow down!” and “Close your mouth before you put your face in the water!”  And then there’s the nasty white goop she’s always slathering on us.  Ugh!  What’s up with that?

Anyways, I did MY part to make the pool easy for Mommy.  I never once pooped in my swim diaper.  Nice, right?  And boy, did we all have fun!  Mommy had fun too, but I could tell she was tired afterwards.  I think the sun makes her all wilty.

Besides the pool, Mommy and Daddy were both so silly that they decided to put new paint all over the walls.  Would you believe they stayed up until 1:30 in the morning to get it done?  It sure looks nice, but I can’t wait to find a way to make it look even nicer.  Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll come up with something…  Anyways, that made Mommy even more tired.  But I was like “Well, Mommy, you can’t blame me for that one.”

Then we had a Bible convention to go to.  We had to get up real early.  Then Mommy and Daddy got to chase me around all day.  There were lots of people there.  It was fun, but being around lots of people seems to make Mommy even more wilty than being in the sun.

So today, I could tell Mommy had really had it.  I wanted to help because I love my Mommy so much!  This is what I did:

#1  I know it’s got to be getting old for Mommy to be changing my diaper all the time.  So whenever I’d remember that I was wearing a diaper, I made sure to take it off myself.  That way Mommy didn’t have to worry about it.

Dash tries to help Mommy out (by changing his own diaper.)

#2  I know Mommy’s been trying real hard to keep the counter tops clean.  And they weren’t looking too good today.  So when I spotted a Mag Light on the stairs, I knew I just had to grab it.  It would be the perfect tool for knocking stuff off the counters!  Can you believe she took it away from me?  Come on!  I’m trying to be of assistance!  Oh well, it’s the thought that counts, right?

#3  While Mommy was getting some diapers out of my closet, I found the curtain rod for my room, just waiting to be hung up.  I was like “Great!  Now all I have to do is find Daddy’s drill and I can get these curtains hung!”  Okay, I was downright ticked off when she took that away.  I even threw a little tantrum.   I was like “Help Me Help You!”  Know what I mean?

#4  The dishes were really starting to pile up.  I couldn’t reach the sink, but I knew dishes needed to be washed.  So, I did the next best thing.   I took everything I could lift out of the cabinets, smeared them with either food or my feet, and then poured water on them.  *When* I could get Mommy to give me water, that is, (because you know by now she is not the easiest person to help).  Then I took a dishtowel off the floor that had been used to wipe up some previously spilled water, and got the dishes all shined up.  I’d like to think she appreciated all my hard work, but when she tripped over a pot and the handle hit her ankle she didn’t look too happy.  In fact her head kind of looked like it might explode…

Dash helps Mommy by "washing" dishes

#5  Oh, and talk about getting behind on the kitchen.  I found lunch boxes from the weekend still sitting on the floor, waiting to be washed!  I didn’t want her to forget and think they were clean.  So I drew on them with marker.  That way they’d HAVE to get washed up nice.  YOU’RE WELCOME.

Dash helps Mommy out by making sure the lunch box must get washed

These are just a few examples of the MANY things I did today to help my Mommy out!  Aren’t I a good helper?  I hope I have given all you kids out there some ideas on how you can help your Mommies out too!

Oh, and I think my Mommy is starting to feel a bit better.  She doesn’t look quite so wilty and she even rewashed some of the pots I already cleaned.  Silly Mommy!  I’m sure she’ll be back to writing on her own again soon… 😉


  1. This is brilliant, ‘Dash’. I know mommies can be hard to help. I mean, just because we don’t do things the way that they would, geesh! Bravo for trying. Maybe it’ll get easier as you get taller to reach some of those things more easily. I hope your mommy gets to feeling less wilty and more blooming. I know how she feels being around all those people at the convention, even if it is a lot of fun. Keep trying, little guy.

  2. Linda Gillette says:

    glad your mommy has the patience of Job and can appreciate how hard you tried to help her out.


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