Rough Times

Whew, what a day!  My poor kids are beat.  Yeah, they’ve got it rough.  HOW rough?  Where do I start?!?

Why, this morning they had to do chores after breakfast.  Beau got the job of cleaning the tiniest bathroom in the house.  He emerged 22 seconds later, looking quite exhausted.  I peeked in and surveyed the filth.

“Try again, you have to actually wipe things off.”

Beau:  “I did!”

Me:  “I can see pee on the seat from here.”

He shrugged as if pee being on the seat was a non issue.  SIGH!  Back into the bathroom for another full minute of bone crushing work.

Chores are HARD.

Next, it was time to wash up and get dressed.  Finn was entirely too exhausted to walk up the stairs.  After 15 minutes of whining, he decided he needed something up there anyways and was miraculously transformed into a ball of energy, shooting up the steps at warp speed.  “Don’t forget to get dressed!”  Several minutes later, he returned in fresh pajamas.

“Finn, you will need actual clothes before we go out to play.”

Finn:  “UHHHHH”.  (This is the sound of exhaustion that requires massive amounts of energy to produce and takes even more energy to listen to.)

It’s okay, Finn, we get it.  Wearing pajamas for only half the day is HARD.

I couldn’t blame Finn for being a little down, because his favorite stuffed animal, Zoe the dalmatian, was missing!

“Did you check your bed?”

Finn:  “YES!  I looked super good.  I even checked the crack!”

Beau also climbed up the bunk bed ladder to help look for Zoe.  A massive search ensued, combing under furniture and behind curtains.  Still, no Zoe.  I’ll admit, I was worried.  Possibly more worried than Finn…

Finn:  “If Zoe’s lost, then I want a stuffed manatee instead.  And I’ll name him Manty!”

Beau: “No, you can’t!  MANTY is MY manatee!!!”*

*Backstory:  In Florida Beau got a stuffed manatee at the Ron Jon Surf shop.  Finn and Dash were not interested and chose other souvenirs.  Within 48 hours Finn and Dash were both obsessed with Beau’s Manty the Manatee.

Finn:  “Well, MY manatee can be named Manty too!”

Beau:  “NO!  He can’t!  You can name him Manters or something, but NOT MANTY!”


Fighting over names for stuffed sea cows that you don’t even have???  Hard.  Hard to listen to, that is…

Had we seen the worst of it?  I’m afraid not.  At lunch time, Finn wanted his favorite, macaroni and cheese.  First, I had the nerve to ask him to get the box while I got the pot of water.  He had to open a door.  HARD.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, I put fresh grated cheddar in his bowl.  “Mom!  That macaroni and cheese was TOO CHEESY!  I could only eat one bowl.”

Macaroni and cheese that’s TOO CHEESY???  Now that is a tragedy of the worst sort.

Just when everyone had almost recovered from the macaroni incident, I had to go and make chili for dinner, which was just plain cruel.  Chili is really close to soup, and if you were to ask my boys they would tell you we have soup “EVERY DAY.”  That means once  a week.  To their credit, they were not whiney and they ate their chili.  I guess they are getting used to prison life.  But to add insult to injury, there was nothing for dessert except for a few white chocolate chips.  “Those will do” they responded with a glimmer of joy.  See?  During rough times you have to be grateful for what you have.

After dessert, the small sugar rush impelled them to want to slide around on the kitchen floor in their socks.  When Finn went to look under the kitchen table for his socks, they had disappeared!  “Where are my socks?!?  I need those socks I left under the table!”

Hmm, maybe I had already moved them when I swept?  I should have known better.  Obviously if you find socks under the kitchen table, they aren’t abandoned, they have been left there for safe keeping!  Poor children. It’s SO HARD when you don’t have a safe place to leave your dirty socks!

Well, without socks, there is no sliding on your feet, so the only other option is “Butt racing”.  Butt racing is where the poor children turn themselves into little human plasma cars and scoot along on their bottoms.  Sure, it’s kind of a pitiful sight, but I was glad to see them making the best of the situation.

Can you believe what a rough day these guys had?  I’m glad they’re getting their rest now.  Oh, but there was ONE silver lining in the day, (besides the stale quarter bag of white chocolate, that is.)  I went upstairs, climbed the ladder to the bunk bed, and untangled a rolled up sheet.  Inside the sheet was Zoe.  Because the saying is true, “Nothing is lost until Mom can’t find it.”


I know a lot of people out there are having hard times for real.  I hope if you are going through a rough patch, maybe our silliness will put a little smile on your face.  Tomorrow will surely be much better!

Chin up! 🙂






  1. Check the crack! Best line ever.

  2. I know I am a bit late on this post but I truly loved it! Did need a pick me up and the silliness helped tons. Thanks Jen (and best silly boys ever!) :^)


  1. […] did buy a little something for the boys; a purchase necessary to return peace to our home.  Awhile back, I told you how Beau acquired a stuffed manatee in Florida and his brothers were OBSESSED with it. […]

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