A Day in the Life of an Oiler

Hey there!  I’m glad you’re here!  I’m doing something a little different today.  This post is part of a blog series!  So, if you just hopped through from The Finer Things, welcome!  

I have a bit of a passion for natural remedies and I LOVE essential oils!  Honestly I don’t know what I ever did without them!  I know some of you have been curious as to how to use essential oils.  So when Myra from My Blessed Life asked for bloggers to join her “A Day In The Life of an Oiler” series, I knew I had to do it!

a day in the life of an oiler how to use essential oils

So, here it is!  I hope you have fun taking a little peek into our day!

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Meet Dash.  This little guy loves his “Oy-wulls”.

Good morning peeps!  And good morning oils!  Okay, I don’t really talk to my oils.  THAT would be weird.  But I do keep them next to my bed.  I’ll tell you why later!  Right now, it’s time to get breakfast.  Let me see if I can pry the oils away from Dash so we can head downstairs.

While most people are thinking about coffee… okay, I’m also thinking about coffee.  But I’m also thinking about what to put in the diffuser!  Let’s see, Peppermint is SO invigorating.  And Lemon has been found to improve concentration, always a good thing.  Or there’s Cinnamon… can’t beat an oil that supports the immune system and smell heavenly doing it!

Speaking of Cinnamon, I’ll take a drop for my Pumpkin Smoothie!  Yum!  Oh, but please don’t put just any Cinnamon oil in your smoothie!  Young Living oils are totally pure and most can be ingested as a dietary supplement. Not hungry yet?  How about some water with a drop of lemon or orange oil in it?  Now THAT is a good way to start the day!  Okay, yes, I’ll make you a coffee too.

After breakfast it’s time for chores.  This means donning my hazmat suit and heading to the laundry room.  Okay, so I don’t really have a hazmat suit.  But I am interested in acquiring one.  Three boys = gross laundry.  Don’t be alarmed if you hear me scream in horror as I load the washer, okay?  Happens all the time.  It will be alright, I’m prepared.  A couple drops of Purification in with the detergent will have the clothes smelling pleasant again.  Purification is THE oil to remember for any kind of STINK that appears where little boys are present.  And a teeny tiny bit (1/4 capful) of Thieves Cleaner concentrate used the same way is great for laundry that needs a little extra punch of clean.

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Thieves Cleaner has become my go to cleaner for all things grotesque, including kitchen and bathrooms. If it can clean MY house, I’m pretty sure it can clean anything.

So, after we have some things done around the house it’s time to get a move on.  Errand day.  With three boys.  The very thought strikes terror into my heart.  Stress Away oil is just what I need on days like this.  Ahhh… just a relaxing trip to Target with my little monsters.

 how to us essential oils

Sorry to scare you with that picture.  We’re not usually always that frightening.  You know what really freaks me out, even more than taking these guys shopping?  Talking to people.  Yes,  I’m a hermit.  In addition to the Stress Away, Valor blend really helps me not plunge myself into full Howard Hughes style isolation.  If you’re still feeling shook up from the picture I’d be happy to let you try some Valor.  😉

In addition to helping Mommy maintain her composure, there are oils that help the kids as well.  Now, I don’t want embarrass anyone who might ask me to pay for therapy later, know what I mean?  Let’s just say I know a boy who is Stubborn with a capital S.  So when saw there was an oil blend called Surrender?  I was like, YES!  Sadly, I often forget to apply Surrender.  In the heat of the moment I am just scrambling for my own bottle of Stress Away.  But when I do remember?  Wow!  Why today, Surrender helped a certain boy quickly transition from lying on the floor screaming to sitting and eating a sandwich (the very sandwich that was the tantrum trigger!)  I’ll be darned if he didn’t even eat the crust!  Sweet Surrender!

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The kids also like a drop of Joy blend on their hearts if they’re feeling a little sad about something or another. Their favorite stuffed animals sometimes get a drop of Joy too. Everyone can use a little extra Joy now and then, wouldn’t you agree?

All day long we’re finding reasons to break out the oils!  And there are so many more wonderful oils that I can’t wait to get my hands on! I’m excited about two new ones on my order this month, Cedarwood and Vetiver.  They are known to help balance the mind and bring a sense of calmness.  I’ll keep you all posted on how it goes!

Ah, night time already.  Whew, that day went by fast, huh?  Every night when the boys go up to brush their teeth, I hear “Mommy, don’t forget to bring us up our oils!”  At this time of year, we’re putting Thieves oil on our little footsies almost every night and Thieves in the to support our immune systems.  Occasionally we add a drop of Oregano (diluted) on their feet for an extra immune boost.

#dayinthelife #oilyfamilies essential oiils

Well, I need to head to bed myself.  Time to grab my little bag of oils and put some Young Living Sandalwood cream on the old face!  Oh, why do I keep my oils by my bed?  I love to be prepared for anything that might arise during the night! Tossing and turning with racing thoughts? A little Tranquil on the wrists is so soothing and relaxing. Someone wakes up with a bad dream? Breathe in some Valor or White Angelica and a sense of peace ensues. My oils are ALWAYS at arms reach! 😉

Hey, thanks for visiting us today!  I hope you had fun and learned a few of the zillion uses for essential oils.  Young Living oils are the only ones we use and the only ones I recommend (’cause you know I like the best stuff!)  Are you ready to get started caring for your family with oils?  If you have a friend who’s been telling you about Young Living oils, ask them how you can get them at wholesale prices!  OR, if I’m your friend who’s been telling you about Young Living oils, click here and I’ll give you the whole scoop.

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Happy Oiling!


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