Sleep Is A Wonderful Thing

You don’t really appreciate sleep until you don’t get any.

Over the weekend, Finn came in our room and climbed into our bed.  It’s only a queen size and admittedly, it’s a little too cozy with three people.  No worries, because before I knew it Dash was crying and *as usual* I ended up spending the rest of the night sleeping on the floor of his room.  Morning came, and we were all up around 8am.  Except Daddy, who is usually the first one up, even on the weekend.  Just when I was starting to wonder if he was ill, he came downstairs looking very groggy.

“Good afternoon!”  I couldn’t resist saying.  (I’m obnoxious, I know.)


“What?  Not feeling well rested?”

“Well rested!  Not with Finn kicking me in the back all night!”

“Ha!  Welcome to my world!  Except without the comfy bed!”

Seriously, over the past 19 months, I have learned to function without a good night’s sleep. Actually I’ve relearned how, because I did the same thing with my other two.  We are zero for three here with Good Sleepers.

So, yes, I have gotten by with very little sleep (or lots of broken up sleep) for what seems a very long time.  And when I say “function”, trust me that I use the term very loosely.  Function translates to shuffling around aimlessly, mumbling things that don’t make sense.  I’m very sorry if you’ve tried to carry on a conversation with me over the past 19 months.  Processing language is apparently one of the first things to go when you’re sleep deprived.  Everything is suddenly a “thingy” or a “whatchamacallit”.  Words!  Bah, who needs them anyways?

True, it would be nice to be able do more than “function” with our homeschool starting in 2 weeks…  Being able to speak in complete sentences could come in handy…  “Eventually” I thought.  “We just have to get through this phase.”   (Somehow!)

THEN:  This very morning, a wonderful thing happened!

I woke up (always appreciated in itself), but it gets even better:  I woke up IN MY OWN BED and it was MORNING.  My husbands’ phone alarm was going off.  Nobody was crying.  I felt like I had… SLEPT???

At first I was confused.  I didn’t have the usual Run Over By A Truck feeling.  I felt strangely well rested.  Should I go back to sleep?  Am I still tired?  Should I be tired?  I decided that indeed, I WAS NOT TIRED!  In fact, I felt like a million bucks!

THEN… the panic set in.  What happened to Dash?  I went to his room and peeked in.  There he was, STILL SLEEPING.  Like a baby (as those crazy people say).


It was an amazing morning.  I did laundry without anyone throwing dirty stuff in with the clean.  I scrubbed the shower without worrying about anyone putting my hairdryer in the tub.  I emptied the dishwasher without it turning into an extreme sport of catching glasses as the baby throws them to me.  I drank coffee!  I TOOK A SHOWER!!!  All before 7am!

And when Dash woke up and came downstairs, he was just as well rested as me.  (Although he did look a little confused about what had just happened.)  He came running into my arms and gave me a big hug.  Sweet Dash, Mommy loves you so!

NOW… let’s see if we can keep this going!  I hate to get my hopes up, but PLEASE, PLEASE!!!  Oh, it would be nice to sleep like a normal human being again.

baby sleep issues

Floor bed. Looks comfy, right? And yes, he has a crib AND a toddler bed, but sometimes he just likes the floor.  Hey, if he’s sleeping, I’m not arguing!!!