Detox Your Home Spring Series: No More Stinky Carpets!

Hey there!  Today’s post is part of the “Detox Your Home” Spring Blogger Series.  If you just clicked through from Amy’s Finer Things, welcome!  I’m so happy to be part of this series which is featuring THIRTY recipes to help you kick all those nasty, harsh chemicals to the curb!

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Today I’m going to share how to make easy and frugal Carpet Deodorizer!  I’ve been Green since before Green was hip.  But there was a time when even I was green to being Green.  Back then, my cleaning repertoire included sprinkling the floors with powdered “carpet potpourri” and letting the stench… er, scent… permeate real nice before vacuuming.  Ah, I can almost still choke on the toxic chemical fragrance just thinking about it.

“Now REALLY, Jennifer.  You’re one of those freaks who can’t deal with chemicals.  Toughen up, it’s NOT that bad.”  Hey.  Who just said that???

Okay, listen up, Cynical Mystery Reader, let me tell you how I came to banish carpet potpourri from my home.  See, we had this little fur baby named Phoebe, a precious little seven pound Italian Greyhound.

detox your home #detoxyourhome #oilyfamilies

Poor Phoebe was a sickly little thing.  She was would regularly have fits of wheezing, choking, and snerveling.  (If you’ve ever heard a dog snervel you know what I mean, even though spell check insists that snervel isn’t a real word.)  Oh, and she would puke.  A lot.  Which of course required more carpet deodorizing…

I think it was my husband who suggested that perhaps the carpet deodorizer was exacerbating Phoebe’s problems.  What?  REALLY???  I don’t think I believed it.  I mean, if it wasn’t safe Walmart wouldn’t sell it to us, right?  Hmm…

Well, just in case, I stopped using the carpet potpourri.  Wouldn’t you know it, Phoebe stopped the wheezing, choking, puking, and yes, she even stopped snerveling.  Perhaps you are skeptical that carpet deodorizer could really cause a dog to snervel.  I mean, even our furry friends have to enjoy taking a deep breath of chemically concocted Peach Blossoms, or delighting their olfactory systems with the lab created scent of a Tropical Island Escape?  No???

If you’re doubtful as to whether chemical fragrances could be harmful, check out this study, which evaluated whether or not fragrance products could produce acute toxic effects in mammals.  Here’s an excerpt:  “The emissions of these fragrance products caused various combinations of sensory irritation, pulmonary irritation, decreases in expiratory airflow velocity, as well as alterations of the functional observational battery indicative of neurotoxicity. Neurotoxicity was more severe after mice were repeatedly exposed to the fragrance products.”

That’s science talk for the mice were snerveling, y’all.

But seriously!  As I took it, my little dog was like a canary in the coal mine.  If chemical fragrances weren’t good for her, they weren’t good for us people either.  Alas, I thought I would be forever banished to a life without pleasant aromas.  But as it turns out, pleasant aromas existed in nature before labs started making them!!!  Who knew???  Why, you can even buy them in the form of essential oils.  They come in cute little bottles and smelling them makes you feel better instead of worse.  So, here’s how to make your very own Carpet Deodorizer, scented only with pure essential oils!

detox your home #oilyfamilies


  • 2 Cups Baking Soda
  • 20-36 drops of Young Living Essential Oil

Place in an air tight container and shake well before each use.  Sprinkle over carpets before vacuuming.  I used 20 drops of Purification, which as I have said before, is my favorite YL blend for all things stinky.  Other suggested oils include Lavender, Geranium, Joy, Evergreen Essence, or Rosemary with Eucalyptus.

The time to test the recipe came after I made a grisly discovery in our guest room.  My toddler is at that age where he takes delight in undressing himself.  In this case, he undressed himself and shoved his used diaper in the closet.  Possibly weeks ago.  EEEWWW!!!


I have to say, the scent really freshened up the place, which was no small task.  Another win for essential oils!

This recipe is courtesy of a great little booklet called The Chemical Free Home by Melissa Poepping, CNHP.  Thanks to Melissa for letting us use your recipes!  This little book is a fantastic resource for detoxing the home!  And guess what?  We are all offering a FREE copy of The Chemical Free Home to anyone {in the U.S.} who signs up with a Young Living wholesale membership premium starter kit now through April 7th!!  Click here to learn more or contact the person who introduced you to the “Detox Your Home” Spring blog series! 🙂

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