The Time I Wanted New Running Shoes

Danny just got the coolest new running shoes.  I have to admit, their blue ombre tone had me drooling a bit, wondering if they had something similar in pink or purple…  I haven’t gotten new workout shoes in awhile…

new running shoes

Okay, who I am kidding, EVERYTHING makes me wish for new shoes!  And of course, there is this minute detail to mention:  Danny actually runs whereas I do not run.  (Unless I can count “Run to Target” or “Run to the kitchen to get a snack”?)  No?

Still, when Danny told me that Mizuno has a feature on their website called Precision Fit Online that would analyze my gait, flexibility and other factors to determine the perfect shoe for me, I was more than eager to try it.  Danny pulled it up on the computer and started going through the questions.

The first question:  “What is your weight?”

SIGH.  While I do not care to disclose my weight, I did tell him, and would you believe that man had the nerve to raise his eyebrows???

“No!  I’m just raising my eyebrows because you are right on the edge of the categories, do you want to go up or down?  If you go up, they’ll suggest shoes with more cushioning.”

Well, clearly I like more cushioning, so I had no choice but to go up.  Let’s move on, please.

“Is your pace slower than a 10 minute mile, between 7 and 10 minutes, or faster than 7 minutes?”

SIGH.  “Slower than 10 minutes.  I’m bigger and slower, okay???”

Next came the foot print test.  It was suggested that you get your foot wet and make a foot print on a paper to see what type of arch you have.

“I don’t need to do that.  I have no arch.  My foot is a pancake.”

Pancake foot, check.  You see by now that I am a natural born athlete, do you not?

Next I went through several movements to check my gait and flexibility, including a one legged squat, which I could perform without my knee drifting to one side or the other, but not without hearing a lot of SNAP, CRACKLE, and POPPING.  The bad news is I may have reduced mobility in my upper ankle joint.  The good news is my pinky finger still has a normal range of flexibility.

Finally, I got to the end of the analysis.  It really only took about ten minutes, which is a lot less than it takes to go to a running store and be professionally fitted, but I’m really not too sure of the results.  It said I should probably stick with these: