Hey there!  Remember me?  Yeah, it’s been awhile.  I’ve been up to stuff.   Oh you know, this and that…

Why, I’ve been doing some baking…

It is easy to make bread. Making edible bread is the real challenge.

It is easy to make bread. Making edible bread is the real challenge.

Well, some of it was edible.  I will have to try again.  And again.  And then we won’t have any bread for 3 weeks.  And then I’ll say “Forget it!” and I’ll buy bread again.  But would you believe I even ground my own flour from wheat berries?  I felt so Little House On The Prairie.  What?  The Ingalls didn’t use a Vitamix to grind flour?  Are you sure?

Anyways, I’ve also been doing some crafts:

Looking to good ol’ Pinterest, I found various sites that led me to believe making a burlap wreath would be EASY and take less than 20 minutes.  Three hours later there were shreds of burlap everywhere.  I could feel it in my ears.  No one warned me that personal protective equipment was needed in order to prevent the inhalation of microscopic threads of burlap.  So, I’m warning you now.  Burlap is a hazardous material.  And Hobby Lobby has great prices on it.  You’re welcome. OH, and I will also inform you that a burlap wreath makes a lovely Bug Home at this time of year.  Overall, I’m happy with how the wreath came out.  And I have a feeling the cockroaches are even happier.

Burlap Bug Home

You know who HAS been doing some writing around here?  Beau and Finn.  Many of you are already familiar with Finn’s critically acclaimed short story, Blue Poop.  Well, as I already announced on Facebook, he’s working on the sequel.

Blue Poop

Lest you think we have been negligent in our parental guidance, we HAVE been encouraging both of the boys to broaden their horizons and explore topics outside of the Poop Fiction genre.  Seriously, they have not disappointed.  Beau is delving into non fiction writing, taking on the challenge of being informative AND entertaining.  Take for example, his recent  work “Body Explorers:  The Butt Part”.  Very informative and only mildly disturbing.  Why, just check out this page which explains the proper use of toilet paper.

Very informative

What?  You already knew how to use toilet paper?  Well, it may seem self explanatory, but I have known some people who could use *ahem* some refinement in this area, and I can’t think of a better way to get the message across.  In fact, I’m going to order extra copies.

So, yes, great literary classics are being produced under my very roof.  But me?  Writing???  Not. So. Much.

You know, I read before that the average blog lasts 6 months.  Around that time, you either dig in or throw in the towel.  Out of curiosity,  I took a peek at when I started The Ordinary Chaos site.  My first post was 4/30/13.  The last post I did was 10/28/13.  One, two, three…. Seriously???  How can I be so predictable???  Disappointing.  Being a quitter is one thing, but being a predictable quitter is a whole new low.  Anyways, here I was, ready to join the ranks of the Towel Throwers, when the fan messages started pouring in.  “Bring back the blog!!!”

…Okay, that didn’t really happen.  But there was one message from a family member, and I do take requests.   Besides, I know y’all were missing this face:

Dash Age 2Yup, Dash is TWO now.  Terribly, wonderfully Two, with all Two’s messes and tantrums and snuggles and giggles.  He talks really well now, and by that I mean he says things like “I luh loo”.  Melts my heart.  <3

So I’ll try to keep writing.  Because I never quit while I’m ahead.  I only quit when I’m really far behind and haven’t a shred of dignity left.  Besides that Facebook can’t contain my run on sentences.  And because I know y’all really benefit from me telling you how not to bake bread and how not to decorate and how not to get your kids to write about things that aren’t poop.  I cannot decide if that even makes any sense, but if you’re still reading this, it’s not because you’re overly attached to things making sense.  Anyways, I’ll be back soon with more of The Chaos.

Luh loo all,