Chaos in Letterland

Today my kindergartner’s class is having a Letterland Parade.  If you’re not familiar with it, Letterland is a phonics program that uses cute little pictogram characters to teach reading, writing, and spelling.  Anyhow, the assignment is to come to school dressed like your favorite character.  Since I am the Queen of Procrastination, upon receiving the email informing me of the event, I didn’t even take note of the date and decided to look at it LATER.  When later finally came, I realized I only had 3 days to come up with a costume. OOPS.

Now, some of the character choices make it very easy to pull together a simple costume.  Seriously, if you have a daughter you can get away with doing NO WORK by choosing Vicky Violet, it’s just a girl wearing purple!  So, this was my big chance to pick something easy.  But I blew it.  “So, Finn, who’s your favorite Letterland character?”

“NONE.  They’re all dumb.”

Well, I should have seen that coming.  Beau (who didn’t do this in Kindergarten) looked over my shoulder at the email.  “I would pick Peter Puppy.”  Finn agreed, Peter Puppy would be acceptable.  So, that was it, the chance to dress him with little to no cost or effort, POOF!  Gone.

At first, I panicked a bit.  Then I remembered the internet and whined on Facebook about my plight.  My friend Jaclyn was kind enough to give me a link to a simple tutorial on Puppy Ear making.  But darn that Pinterest, I just had to look.  And of course, I find dreamy pins of costume tutorials far over the head of someone who doesn’t even own a sewing machine.  I did get the idea to put pipe cleaners in between 2 pieces of felt to make the ears more lively.  So, long story short, after over $20 blown at Michael’s and most of my Saturday spent stitching felt ears together with a needle and thread, Finn has a Peter Puppy outfit.


I think it looks pretty cute and Finn is excited about it.  (The pictures are terrible, that’s what happens when you are rushing to get to school and your good camera won’t work!)  It’s too bad that the red letter P’s look coral pink, which hopefully isn’t the kiss of death at school.  (He hasn’t noticed the P is for Pink Problem, so please do not tell him!)  Even my husband seemed impressed.  Either that, or he was just looking at me like I was crazy.  I’m not sure which.

However hubby was definitely not impressed when he saw that Dash had drawn on the door with pencil while I was preoccupied. (In my defense, I WAS watching him out of the corner of my eye and he was only 2 feet away from me, but with Dash you have to be FAST.)  And no one was very impressed that there were no clean knives in the kitchen because I spent my whole day playing costume designer and had neglected all my other household duties.


Looks like I’m going to be playing catch up for a couple days.  And scrubbing pencil off the wall!  Well, you can’t do it all.  You just have to pick the most important things.  And this weekend, the most important thing was a t shirt and hat Finn will wear for one day.  Hmm… 😉

Now that's a happy puppy!

Update:  He had a good day being Peter Puppy!

The Things A Mommy Puts Up With

You’re not eating right now, are you?  Good, because this is a little gross.  Although if you’re a Mommy like me, you probably have acquired a very strong stomach from years of being on Bio Hazard Cleanup Duty.  That warning was pretty much just for Daddies.

So, anyways, there was a BOOGER on my IPad this morning!  EWWWW!!!  Finn had just been playing some Bad Piggies before school.  He emphatically denied knowing where the suspicious substance had come from, but knowing him it wasn’t a real stretch that it would be entirely too much trouble for him to interrupt his game to go get a TISSUE!

If my husband got past the initial gross out warning to read this, he is saying to himself “And THAT is EXACTLY why the kids are not allowed to touch MY IPad!!!”   It’s true, Daddy’s IPad is off limits while Mommy’s IPad is 90% used for Angry Birds and educational apps. (Okay, that’s 85% Angry Birds and 5% educational apps.)  The point is, Mommy will put up with a lot.

Mommy will put up with little toddler fingers picking food off her plate, just to taste it, and then the half chewed morsels being spit back out on her lap.

Mommy will put up with little feet nestling next to her face while she sleeps, only to be kicked in the jaw when those little feet wake up in a sour mood.

Mommy will notice that her child is about to go into school covered in peanut butter, and put up with sacrificing her own jacket sleeve for an emergency clean up.

Mommy will put up with finding calcified string cheese under the seats of her mini van.  And of course, she put up with the smell that string cheese gave off while it was calcifying under the seats of her mini van.

Mommies put up with all these little indignities and many, many more.  And they do it all with smiles and love.  BUT… this Mommy had better NEVER, EVER find another booger on her IPad!!!




Will Your Kids Be Seeing Ironman 3?

My 8 year old came home from school this week saying (in passing, hint, hint) that ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE except him is seeing Iron Man 3.  He knows Mommy and Daddy are pretty strict about kids watching only kid movies, but you could tell he was hoping…  He REALLY likes Iron Man, probably because the first installment is the only superhero movie he’s seen.  (It was on TV when Grandma and Grandpa were babysitting, otherwise he wouldn’t have seen that either.)  And I am probably one of the only people in North America who still lives under a rock and hasn’t seen any of them, so I wasn’t really sure what we were missing.  But I saw a content guide yesterday on whether Iron Man 3 was appropriate for kids and I was like “Whoa!”  You can read it here if you are wondering:

Now, I’m not here to judge, everyone has to decide what is appropriate for their own family!  Unless you are letting your 5 year old watch Saw.  Then, I’m totally judging you.  But I understand why parents want to take their kids to see movies like this.  It’s fun for families to go out together, and even more fun if it’s something that everyone can enjoy.  But to me, it’s not fun to squirm in my seat while women are prancing around in their undies onscreen, or worry about my kid having nightmares after seeing a child with a gun to their head in a movie.

I miss the way movies were when we were kids.  Sure, the graphics weren’t great and the special effects would probably look cheesy to us now.  But the whole family could watch Superman and E.T. without a big can of grown up world worms being opened as we choked on our popcorn.  I’m sure there was adult content in those movies too, probably at a young age it went over my head.  But things were all a little more innocent back then.  And from what I have seen, a lot of what is rated PG-13 now would have been rated R 20 years ago.

001-001So, for now I’m going to have to stick to my guns and be the strict and uncool mommy.  And Beau will just have to be content with his super cool Ironman shirt.  Maybe we’ll find an old school Superman flick to watch instead.

What about you?  What do you think about letting young kids watch PG-13 movies?