Some Simple Joy For A Turtle Loving Boy

The boys have been REALLY into wild life lately.  I think it stems from watching Wild Kratts, which is a great show.  They are getting pretty intense with their love for animals and the environment… extremely intense actually.  For example, the other day we went on a tour of a baseball stadium.  You would think they would be pretty excited about such a thing, but there was a fair amount of grumbling about how many “animal habitats must have been destroyed” to make this place.  Really, I have no idea where this all is coming from.  Have they gotten a hold of some Green Peace literature?  Seriously, though, I’m proud of them for being so passionate, and at the same time just a little bit wishing I had someone else to blame for it.

So, long story short, we’re trying to give them a balanced view of the World Issues at hand, while also taking the opportunity to learn about their favorite animals.  For Beau, that means Walruses.  I think it’s inevitable that we’ll be talking more about the Walrus obsession, but today we’re going to talk about Finn and his love of Turtles.

Now, I am sure that if I looked at Pinterest I could find some really cool Turtle projects.  And then I could spend hours gathering supplies and notebooking pages and making 3D sculptures and not getting a shower for three days to do it all.  So instead, I took the course of least effort; watching National Geographic Kids videos and downloading a book on my IPad.  It was free at the time and Finn got a huge kick out of the picture of the tiny turtle next to a raspberry.  (Awe!)

One morning Finn was super grumpy.  I knew I needed something to cheer him up… something Turtley.  That’s when I came up with Turtle Toast.  It ain’t fancy, but it was a huge hit with Finn.  And good thing it’s easy, because yes, I really do make it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

easy turtle projectWith the Turtle Obsession in full swing, Finn was inspired to make his own turtle craft project!  See, Moms Who Aren’t Good At Coming Up With Crafts?  Leave them to their own devices, and they just may have the creativity to make their own.  Works for me!  Anyways, Finn wanted to share with you how to do it, but he also did not want to be in pictures today.  So, Beau, always one to be in front of the camera, volunteered.

Here is Beau, recreating Finn’s Paper Plate Turtle.

easy turtle art project

 How To Make A Simple Paper Plate Turtle

Supplies:  Paper Plate, Construction Paper, Scotch Tape, Markers, Scissors, (+ Water Colors and Googley Eyes optional)

1)  Cut out 5 rectangles for head and feet  (I was informed that the front feet are bigger than the back, who knew?)

2)  Turn the plate right side up and attach the head and feet right at the edge of the plate with tape.

3)  Flip the plate over and decorate with markers.

4)  Optional:  Paint the shell and add googley eyes

The Turtles can also pull into their shells by flipping the head and appendages under.  Cute, right?

After Finn was done he declared “Now I’m going to make him a habitat out of Legos!”, and with that, he and his Turtle were headed off to recreate whatever environment Paper Plate Turtles live in.

So, that’s it, Folks.  While we may be simple and Un-Pinteresting, we are having a good time.  No one can be sad when there is Turtle Toast for breakfast, actually, it’s sounding awfully good for a midnight snack… Oh dear, time for bed before I get myself in trouble.

We hope all you fellow Turtle Fans enjoy our ideas, and Finn says “Don’t be a Turtle Killer, Don’t Pollute!”  Got it?  Okay!  🙂