The Decorating Blues and Other Non Problems

So, if you recall awhile back, I talked about going and picking out paint for the guest room.  What?  You don’t remember??? A story about PAINT CHIPS didn’t make a lasting impression?

Well, a quick recap then:  I bought a gallon of the first shade of blue that caught my eye.  I was pleased with myself for not obsessing over the decision.

UPDATE:  Obsessing may be a good thing when it comes to choosing paint.

Sure, I freed myself from the confines of perfectionism, but I also sentenced myself to several years in a blue walled prison.

Okay, it’s not REALLY that bad.  It’s “kind of” a pretty blue, just maybe a bit brighter than what I would have chosen if I had gone through my usual decision making process.  My husband on the other hand, thinks it IS THAT BAD.  He has labeled it “electric blue” (totally an exaggeration) and called it “hideous” (a matter of opinion).


Okay, so my quick pick blue was a slight fail, not an EPIC FAIL, just a regular lower case letter fail.

Unfortunately I don’t have time to recover my confidence before I move on to the next project.   It’s crunch time on picking out decor for Dash’s room.  The curtains from his room were moved to the new guest room and he has no curtains.  Oh, and he was not happy about HIS curtains and HIS queen sized bed being taken away either.

“Uh-oh” he said when he saw the curtains going.

“Bed-bed?” he said when he saw the bed going.

Uh-oh bed-bed is right.  I have no idea how I am going to get this child to sleep in his crib.  And very little idea how I am going to decorate his room, aside from a few things I found on Pinterest.  This website called Lay Baby Lay has some great inspiration that I hope to draw from.  Although will it turn out that good when I put it together myself?  Likely not.

I at least tried to get started by picking up a thick stack of paint samples today.  I am going back to my perfectionist roots and I intend to carefully compare every option.  The boys were with me of course, and Finn quickly chose a palette of yellows that he thought would be perfect.  One of the shades was called “Decisive Yellow”.  I wasn’t sold on the yellow but I was a big fan of the irony.  Beau however, was more cautious.  “Yellow?  We need to meditate on this for awhile.”

Words of wisdom, Beau, words of wisdom.

I know, I know, this is NOT A REAL WORLD PROBLEM!  But I continue to whine nonetheless.  And rant.  Expect a lot of sleep deprivation fueled rants here on The Ordinary Chaos until Dash become accustomed to our new sleeping arrangements.  I apologize in advance while I still have my wits about me.  (More or less.)




  1. It sure is a Real World Problem! You have to live with the results of those decisions for quite some time! I hope this next decorating endeavor turns out well.

    • Jennifer says:

      Yes, it is unfortunate when a room makes you cringe every time you look at it! It does just feel better when a room is pleasing to the eye. I will put forth a little more effort this time, lol!

  2. Lisa M. says:

    I haven’t seen the color, but it could possibly be toned down with some wide stripes in a more muted tone. Just a thought, let me know if you want to take on that adventure 🙂

    • Jennifer says:

      Thanks, Lisa! The stripes are a good idea, but I looked at the room again this morning and I think it will be okay. We just have had beige walls for so long we aren’t used to color! It does go well with the quilt that I got for the guest bed. It doesn’t go well with the ugly mushroom colored couch that is in there, but there is not much that would. I would like to get a cream slipcover for the couch, but it’s L-Shaped so that might be hard.

  3. Jennifer says:

    At the risk of having friends and family cancel their plans to visit us, I have posted a picture of the guest room in question. Disclaimer: The Ordinary Chaos and it’s administrators are in no way responsible for your headache if you look at it for too long.

    • Laura Wollborg says:

      It doesn’t look bad! Honestly! It must be that you’re not used to it. Maybe some complimentary artwork/décor would make you like it more? And we would never cancel a trip due to paint, lol.

      • Jennifer says:

        I am glad you aren’t going to cancel your trip! 😉 It is pretty ugly in person, but at least for the most part we can just keep the door closed. I bums me out because I had waited so long to get that quilt from GH, waiting for it to go on sale. Now thanks to the walls my lovely quilt just looks ugly. Oh well, EVENTUALLY I will repaint it!

  4. Sherrrill says:

    How hard would it be to put on another coat of paint? (perhaps a shade lighter?) My first adventure in decorating my own room was TURQUOISE. I highly recommend the lighter coat. How hard can it be? Love and a lighter color will “cover a multitude of sins. “

    • Jennifer says:

      Hmm, well it’s not that it’s that hard, just time consuming. And since it’s the least used room in the house and we have many other rooms that badly need painting, another coat is not going to happen any time soon. Too bad, it would be nice! I definitely will not be making any more emergency paint purchases though. Better to miss the last day of the sale than to buy the wrong color!

  5. Linda Gillette says:

    The color blue looks nice…just not with your new comforter…not enough blue in it. I am afraid in this case the yellow would have been better choice with yor quilt. The opinion expressed here is to be taken lightly n not meant to cause u to suffer future failureitis.

  6. Linda Gillette says:

    Further or more failure itis

    • Jennifer says:

      Yes, the reverse of the quilt is the blue and white print, so that is why I “thought” blue would be good. What looks yellow is actually kind of limey-chartruese, so I didn’t know how to match that… Oh well, I have resolved myself to just closing the door for now! 😉 Good to hear from you, Linda!

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