Will Your Kids Be Seeing Ironman 3?

My 8 year old came home from school this week saying (in passing, hint, hint) that ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE except him is seeing Iron Man 3.  He knows Mommy and Daddy are pretty strict about kids watching only kid movies, but you could tell he was hoping…  He REALLY likes Iron Man, probably because the first installment is the only superhero movie he’s seen.  (It was on TV when Grandma and Grandpa were babysitting, otherwise he wouldn’t have seen that either.)  And I am probably one of the only people in North America who still lives under a rock and hasn’t seen any of them, so I wasn’t really sure what we were missing.  But I saw a content guide yesterday on whether Iron Man 3 was appropriate for kids and I was like “Whoa!”  You can read it here if you are wondering:


Now, I’m not here to judge, everyone has to decide what is appropriate for their own family!  Unless you are letting your 5 year old watch Saw.  Then, I’m totally judging you.  But I understand why parents want to take their kids to see movies like this.  It’s fun for families to go out together, and even more fun if it’s something that everyone can enjoy.  But to me, it’s not fun to squirm in my seat while women are prancing around in their undies onscreen, or worry about my kid having nightmares after seeing a child with a gun to their head in a movie.

I miss the way movies were when we were kids.  Sure, the graphics weren’t great and the special effects would probably look cheesy to us now.  But the whole family could watch Superman and E.T. without a big can of grown up world worms being opened as we choked on our popcorn.  I’m sure there was adult content in those movies too, probably at a young age it went over my head.  But things were all a little more innocent back then.  And from what I have seen, a lot of what is rated PG-13 now would have been rated R 20 years ago.

001-001So, for now I’m going to have to stick to my guns and be the strict and uncool mommy.  And Beau will just have to be content with his super cool Ironman shirt.  Maybe we’ll find an old school Superman flick to watch instead.

What about you?  What do you think about letting young kids watch PG-13 movies?




  1. “Unless you are letting your 5 year old watch Saw. Then, I’m totally judging you.” I nearly choked on my beverage! I totally agree about PG-13 movies (and, frankly, some of the so-called PG movies). I appreciate that you linked to a content summary so that even discerning adults can choose whether they wish to see it, let alone the young children in their charge. More attention need to be paid to the actual content of a thing rather than just the “story”. Content matters.

    • Jennifer says:

      Glad you got a laugh from that! I totally agree about the content. It’s too easy when you (or your child) are fans of the brand or the character to ignore inappropriate content because you want to see the story line. Totally been there myself! Thanks for the retweet too! 🙂

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